Our custom-made flower-cake serves pre-ordered, handcrafted cakes and baking classes. We use 100% pure butter cream for piping decorative flowers of each petal. We are proud none of our baked goods contain lard, margarine, artificial flavouring, additives or preservatives. The flowers are not only ornaments for eating but could also be a significant feature of dietetics. We open the flower cake baking class which offers the best and easiest way to learn various and creative skills to express beautiful flowers all across the world. cake-jardin will keep upgrading more delicious and beautiful cakes to reward our client’s love.


1. Please order at least two days earlier.

It takes time to prepare customized requests such as colour and design.

2. Please let us know event type.

We need to know your event type: birthday, anniversary, engagement, wedding, 60th Birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, housewarming, birth or any other special occasions.

3. Please select size.

Size 1: 6 inches serves 4-8 people

Size 2: 8 inches serves 10-16 people

Size 3: 10 inches serves 16-20 people

Note: cake-jardin’s cake is 12-14cm high - it's a bit higher than most other cakes- and is high density (especially carrot cake) sheet which serves more people.

4. Please select cake sheet type.

-Carrot sheet: It contains carrots but there isn’t a carrot flavour at all and you can crunch walnut grains with sweet sour cranberry which adds an extra special taste. This taste perfectly harmonises with butter cream and is very popular.

Note: Please let us know of any “Nuts Allergy or diet restriction”

-Chocolate sheet: It uses organic cocoa powder and light sweetness and moist sheet. It’s a well-coordinated rounded taste with sweet butter with chocolate’s mild bitterness.-Vanilla sheet: It’s very popular and familiar flavour.

-Gluten free sheet: It is ideal for wheat allergy. (We use organic gluten free flour in the market for this item, however other sheets are mixed only fresh and highly selected premium ingredients by cake-jardin)

5. Please select style and colour.

Let us know what season your cake is for and we will use the appropriate colour scheme. We do our best for customer satisfaction.

* We offer customer pick up only. 

* How to store our cake?

cake-jardin’s butter flower cake is premium handcrafted, each flower petal displays our utmost dedication. You will love to enjoy icing on the cake, sanding cream between sheets and of course buttercream flower!We bake your cake one day in advance from pickup date and fresh we recommend you eat it on the pickup date for the best freshness and flavour. However you may store it for 3-to-4 days in the fridge if needed. Do not travel more than 2-3hours with the cake and use an ice box or cold insulation when you carry it to keep it in good condition especially in the summer.We recommend placing the cake out of the fridge at least one hour before consumption as it cuts easier.


Our classes teach you many kinds of flower cake decorations even if you don’t have much baking knowledge. You can learn basic icing skills, natural arrangement of flowers and how to make various kinds of flower. We hope you can enjoy the class and it would be a great chance to make your first cake for the precious day.


This is good if you don’t have much time during the weekdays. It also good to sign up with friends or with your sweetheart.

- 4.5 hours class

- Choice of baking mini-sized cake or 4 cup cakes

- 1-on-1 lesson

*All Wilton instrument will be ready, just bring yourself.

2. BASIC CLASS (2 Classes)

This class offers essential skills to make butter cream flower.

 -2 classes (4 hours each day) a week


Class 1: Understanding about butter cream flower and baking instruments, practice cake sanding to readymade sheet and breathtaking icing flowers (roses).

Choice of practice: cake-jardin butter cream, mini-size carrot cake or 4 cup cakes


Class 2: Making mini-size cake with blossom design

2 sorts of flower practice (continued rose shape correction, apple blossom and chrysanthemum)


3. MASTER COURSE (4 Weeks Regular Class)

This class offers essential skills to make butter cream cakes. Students can bake flower cakes and cupcakes by themselves when they have completed the class.


Class 1/2: Same as Basic class


Class 3: Completing wreath style cake

3 sorts of flower practice (3 choice of ranunculus, various berries, anemone or pine cone)


Class 4: Applying various flowers

Colour coordination and matching from a blossom of a flower to many blossoms or mini size cake.

Cake-jardin class offers all tools (wilton) and materials.



3 Class focusing on colour usage (Create new 5 flowers)


Along the way, students learn to create icing drop flowers, arrangements and decorations but using appropriate colors takes practice and time. In this class, students will learn how to mix colors and be confident in color selections.